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The administrator of thought: L.A.M.E. 1 (Love And Making Expert) requests all amorous amour voyeurs

and all others be at least 18 years of age and older.

18 and older means ADULTS;

17 and below stay in school and learn some things are meant for seasoned minds,

like the adult metaphors L.A.M.E. 1 uses to speak with agabz and abagz…..

Cipher / Code

ADULTS "A" = who I’m speaking with: 18 years of age and more AND = “&” BOYS = “B” GIRLS = “G “

agabz and abagz, the inherent agreement is you are an adult by Aura Of Lovers'z 18 and older LAW


Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride

Ambassador of Love aka L.A.M.E. 1 Hiring couples for Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride!

An educational as well as Erotic Play Write.


Play Writes that are of the audio Visual Arts genre does not mean a traditional

adult magazine bookstore, type of final product for purchase or viewing.


Based on 2 titles within the 1997 © copyright:

Sex-N-Games 'Classical Games with an Erotic Twist'

is now production ready for a

Play Write / Visual Arts Performance.

Participants / Couples should know, there is an $2,000.00

entrance fee per couple.


There is a 23 couple requirement.

There is the traditional arrangment of pieces,

plus 2 additional "Ambassador Of Love" pieces on the ends of the Rooks.


That's a total of 20 couples, excuse the vernacular - plus a "fluffer" couple

for each team of couples & to make the film more tournament style of play,

one more couple as the "Arbiters"


What's to be Done with the $42,000.00

* Update: Land in Colorado has been attained!


As soon as the land is architually sound enough,

more or less when the land dries up and the cement

foundation can be laid (smile please - keep a sense of humor).


Some of the money will go towards a 15 ft. (4m) Playground Dome,

it only takes 2 hours for a crew of 2

and $2,500.00 to $3,500.00

by Pacific Domes


*There we will film through the triangles of the playground dome,

at a 4 square chess board, with extension square board pieces.

This is the magic of the couples magic carpet.



When pieces are captured they will be whisked away for travel on the

Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet.


Other than that, all that needs to be known is a tasteful,

yet educational film will be produced.


Word to tha wise:

This is not a swinger type production, that’s why entrance is for couples only.

Any sexual / lovemaking scenes will only be done by the pair that signed up.


Chess Game play is a fundamental


The couple that wins the Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride Chess Invitational will inherit directing their gender specific side.


Of course there’s more to it, than what L.A.M.E. 1 is depicting.

If I divulge the plot, let alone a host of other unique thoughts,

on how this Amorous Family Friendly Entertainment & Promotions Production is to be made.


We lose a part of the audience, that likes new material.


Quick reference: The movie spoiler of Tom Cruise holding on to the side of a plane.


Aura Of Lovers Family thought:

Riddle me this, did you have sex education at school and what grade were you in and

did your parents have to sign a paper (permission slip) in order to attend the class?


L.A.M.E. 1

5th grade and that’s the view I keep while prepping for this filming and editing production.

If a parent feels as though their child is old enough for

a love making / sex education play write,


I aim to please and do not worry yourselves, no one is going to see the actual intimate acts,

at most the passionate facial expressions that a child might see when parents interact,

etcetera, yes.


Our goal is to be the goto school film for sex ed for the 50 US


What potential participants are reading next

is the fundamentals of Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride.


The scenario:

Imagine a life size chess board with human pieces

and every time a piece is removed a magic carpet appears,

taking the couple to a destination unknown for a love making session.


The love making sessions are no more than a time capsule,

of 5th grade elementary thought patterns.


From rumors, myth, fact or fiction information scenario's designed

to be educational, while at the same time entertaining.


Aura Of Lovers CHESS:

The King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawns

on the game board are all Kindred Soul Mates of an intimate nature.


Their like minds are magnetized to each other. However the same forces that

attracts them to each other, also repels them from each other.


In order to keep this universal balance harmonious,

each gender trust fund lover is represented by their equals!


Through these pieces and their special skills "couples" will be able to keep

universal balance on a common ground (the game board).


Traditionally the King and Queen reside on the same side and because this style of chess is

gender specific, there should be no intermingling of different gender based pieces.


Therefore the princess and prince will be the Queen piece

and the King and Queen will be the King piece.


So on one side there is the Queen and princess with

their merry girls and on the other are the King and prince

with their merry boys.



© 1997 LIONELL


along with the $2,000.00 entrance fee,

there are profit opportunities as well.


A couple of ifs:

Couples might be into: Professional Marketing;

Memorabilia (after market branding): t-shirts; hats; key chains;

pendants; along with other things!


L.A.M.E. 1 has created an array of non xxx paraphernalia over the years,

which will also be used with (my / our) Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet production.


The memorabilia portfolio is for 5 years of profit sharing:

Play Write / Audio Visual Arts / Etc.


• all would be participants take notice, if ever in any

"AVN (Adult Video News)" type production,


that is an automatic disqualification for your partner & yourself,

for any parts of the Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride Production!


If you think this is something you and your love can

(On Set / In Front of a Camera) gravitate towards for fun,

business opportunity or just always wanted to be

on the silver screen or part of a School Musical

/ 5th graders and older Shakespearean Theatrical.


The administrator of this shopping cart portal: Aura Of Lovers (Love And Making Expert) 1 requests all amorous amour voyeurs and all others be at least 18 years of age and older.

18 and older means ADULTS; 17 and below stay in school and learn some things are meant for seasoned minds, like the adult metaphors L.A.M.E. 1 uses to speak with agabz and abagz…..

Cipher / Code

ADULTS "A" = who I’m speaking with: 18 years of age and more AND = “&” BOYS = “B” GIRLS = “G “

agabz and abagz, the inherent agreement is you are an adult by L.A.M.E. 1'z 18 and older LAW





Acclimate yesteryears Corporate Boardroom mystique (I’s), to todays “CLOUD” of Clever Mist (A.W.I.S.E.) – Only goal to keep in mind, is bring & bear a superior product to market!




Ambassador of Love; Word to the wise - L.A.M.E. 1 Professes:

NO same gender relationships. people that are in homosexual relationships: a suggestion or two –


1) If you’re with HIV or have something of the sort,

try dating the opposite sex with the same ailment


– opposite sex companionship is way more satisfying!



2) Today is today and don’t they have social clubs / networks for all subjects?


3) People that are in homosexual relationships should seek genders opposite of their current affiliation.


4) Meaning there is a feminine partner and a masculine partner



5) Basics:

There are passive as well as neutral and dominant type people!


Whether or not two passives of the opposite genders get together

or two dominants of the opposite genders get together,

the neutrality of girl / boy relationships is always

more relevant to the thought of

opposites attract!


and last as well as not least:


Cross training is always the “L.A.M.E.” way,

and equals the best option “girl and boy”


Riddle me this: How did we get here?

- answer: GIRLS and BOYS!




The course of your actions, if not on this path - not only is unnatural, it puts the public health as a whole at risk; civilization only got this far by procreating by means of the male and female.


With that said, like others - I really don’t care about the subject either way!


It is simple mathematics: the more males that couple,

leaves more available girls to be chosen by and choose.


So thanks and one more thing,


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